My Skills


I can provide a new and fresh perspective to any project you might be working on. I’ve been known to have some pretty unique ideas.

Forward Thinking

I can help you to think past the “Here and Now” and into the future of where you want to be, as well as different methods of approach.


Sure, we all have different ways of approaching ideas, but flexibility is something I do very well:
We’ll get there together.

It took me a while to figure out that what I had been doing for 10+ years as a freelancer was what I wanted to actually DO with my life! I had been hindering myself by working a full-time job not even related to marketing, instead of feeding MY OWN imagination and following my dreams! I now find myself working with local companies on more than just nights and weekends doing what I love: marketing and multimedia. Following your heart is much more important than people make it seem.

Where does that leave us, then? I have unleashed my creative monster in order to work WITH companies looking to grow, beyond their competition, into a totally unstoppable force. The biggest hurdle for a business looking to grow isn’t capital, it’s more often than not the owner themselves running out of ideas and simply fizzling out. Stagnation is the single biggest killer of a business’ growth in a market; Let’s get that old mucky pond water flowing into a fountain of growth, shall we?

What Else?


Cohesive and unique campaigns help customers to remember your business when they need your services or products. I can help to ensure maximum brand retention.

Copy Writing

A marketing plan is only as good as the copy to go with it. The key is to write relatable content for your customers. My writing style is just what your business needs.


Already have the ideas, the concepts or the marketing campaigns but don’t know what to do with them? I’ll help you to reach your target audience efficiently and effectively.


When you’re looking for a marketing professional, you want to compare the differences, not the similarities, that’s for sure.
Creativity is my strength. It may suit you well, too.

Marketing Automation

It’s 2020 and marketing should start acting like it. Automating messaging based on inbound intention is detrimental. I’m not your typical marketer.

Pro Heart

This is a passion for me; I LOVE helping others and LOVE making a difference. Combine the two with my marketing experience: I’m exactly what you’re looking for.

Some of my Clients: