In an era of digital revolution and marketing channel complexities, it’s easy to understand why companies are struggling to reach their intended audience the way that they used to.

Newspapers, magazines and circulars are decreasing in popularity, while decades ago they were THE source for reaching the greatest number of people on a poor man’s budget. No longer, however. Why are billboards still so effective, with everything else in the “print” realm decreasing in popularity?


Experts can theorize why they work until the cows come home but I know why: excitement.

Things you can hold, touch and throw away hold little value in the print world. Because as quickly as they come to you, they can be gone. Billboards are different. Bright lights, eye-catching graphics and unique designs help to drive customers to a business.

Something about an advertisement way up high, out of reach, that makes it unobtainable and therefore: desirable and exciting. Sure, people can argue that they are a waste and provide statistics to support their outrageous claims, but the fact remains that in the haunt industry (and most industries, actually) billboards help to project professionalism and seriousness.

Billboards are large and people equate that size with increased quality and value.

The next time you’re driving down the road, look up at a billboard, think about that business and your opinion of that business. Is it favorable or unfavorable? My clients run billboards that I design and are rising ABOVE and BEYOND the regional competition.

What I design for Graystone is eye-catching. It isn’t clip-art. These are REAL scenes, sets and actors ON LOCATION.

Customers want to SEE in person what they SAW on a billboard. It builds “brand equity” with your consumer.

I can go on and on about how awesome they are, but I’d rather you just do them. Radio is dead: it’s too diluted. Digital works, but only with a reinforcing distribution of your brand. Yes these high-flying signs are expensive: they’re expensive because companies like Lamar KNOW they still work, so they can charge you a premium for them. But they work.

A billboard with bright lights, great graphics and a catchy URL will drive traffic to your haunt this season and you’ll be GLAD you did.

Billboards work. Period.